Frequently Asked Questions


What's a hackathon?

A hackathon is a weekend-long gathering of curious and creative minds! We give you the prompt and you give us a fresh and unique way of responding to the problem. You can explore with our industry experts, code and design a new project and, most importantly, learn from the experience!

Can I attend?

If you’re an undergraduate or graduate student at the University of Southern California with a passion for learning and exploring, the answer is YES!

What are the informational sessions?

The informational sessions are meant to prime participants for preparing the respond to the prompt. Approximately 90 minutes in length, they’ll highlight come important information which can be incorporated into your weekend hacks!

Are they mandatory?

Not mandatory, but these sessions are strongly recommended because they provide a lot of valuable knowledge and can help with the ideation phase of the project!

Do I need to be a CS minor or major?

Nope- we are open to everyone: people who know computer science, people interested in learning, designers, anyone who is passionate about combatting cancer!

Do I need to know about wearable technology or cancer treatment?

Hopefully, the information sessions will give you some cool ideas! However, you do not need to know anything about cancer treatment or wearable tech prior to the hackathon. That’s what the weekend is about: learning!

How do I register?

You can register to attend at

Do I have to pay?

Nope! All we ask is that you come with an open mind and prepared to think hard and learn lots.

How do I get to the venue?

The venue is conveniently located on University Park Campus. We will send all confirmed participants the exact location.

How do teams work?

You can either apply with a team in mind or meet some new minds at the event! Teams are usually 3-5 individuals.

Will there be food?

Yes! We have plenty of yummy vendors lined up for the weekend. We make sure that our hackers aren’t hungry.

What do I bring?

Remember to bring a valid student ID and anything you might need to hack the weekend away! Think laptops, chargers, sketchbooks, sleeping bags, water bottles and anything else you’d want with you. Make yourself comfortable; we want to spend the whole weekend with you to have fun!

What if there are hackathons the same weekend?

We recognize that there are hackathons happening over the same weekend and are currently working on a possible integration of popular events.



You have to be present at the Opening and Closing ceremonies as well as Info Session to be considered for Hack4Health. Please email us at for any questions about conflicting schedules!